Our Services

Alimann Logistics Limited was solely founded to be an extension of customer's freight and logistics needs in the East African region.   Our helpful service includes providing customers and prospective customers with insightful advice regarding their freight options:

a)    Global Forwarders:   We take pride in introducing ourselves as a one-stop-shop freight solution provider.   Our clearing department stays current on new or changed regulations for imports.

b)    Consolidators & Commission Agents:  We provide expert customs documentation and transactions with Kenyan Customs concerning the admissibility of merchandise.  This includes valuation: Duties payment, Taxes, or other charges assessed or collected by Customs on merchandise by reason of its importation.  Furthermore, we can handle your clearance for both imported and exported freight.

c)    Clearing & Forwarding:   We have a group of highly qualified and experienced clearing and forwarding agents.  They work with concerned agents to ensure prompt clearing and forwarding services within the stipulated time frame.  

d)   Imports: Our team of customs brokers will coordinate the required administrative procedures to ensure compliance with regulations so that you can enjoy prompt receipt of all freight.   We also specialize in emergency and urgent freight services.

e)    Exports: Whatever the nationality, each of our customers have their own individual needs and requirements associated with cargo handling. Whether the firm is large or small, Alimann Logistics Limited will handle documentation, arrangements with carriers, and storage needs, on request.

f)     Air Freight:   Alimann Logistics Limited offers innovative solutions for small and large loads.  We guarantee to clear consignments from J.K.I.A. within 48 working hours of receiving all necessary documentation. Our dedicated staffs keep long-standing relationships with a variety of reliable carriers, ensuring that all export cargo is airlifted within 24 working hours after packing, subject to receipt of all necessary documentation and availability of carrier space respectively. 

g)    Sea Freight:   Under normal conditions, shipments arriving to be cleared in Mombasa will be delivered within 7 working days, whereas shipments destined for ICD-Nairobi will be delivered within 3 working days of the containers' arrival and/or stripping at the dry port.  This will be subject to receipt of all necessary documentation at least 4 days prior to arrival of vessels.  Our experienced staff will ensure your shipments move where you want them to go and arrive when you need them to be there.

h)   Transport:  Our transport team works round the clock to provide prompt service. With our expertise, your company can avoid unnecessary delays.  We attend to your needs in a professional manner saving you valuable time. 

i)     Project Logistics:  We specialize in the logistic management of all undertakings, a task that involves advising our clients on all relevant duty and tax implications.  We are accustomed to shipping all kinds of freight logistics for a wide number of industries, from the conceptual stage, to the procurement level, to the final process. We will advise you, all the way on all relevant duty and tax implications.

j)    Packaging & Removal Experts:  Alimann incorporates great experience and qualification at the transfer of cargo around East Africa.  By utilizing the highest standards of air-freight, sea-freight land transportation, we make sure that your freight gets to its destination in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

We promise reliability!